Patches are earned by completing several tasks.


  • 1st Patch: Green
  • 2nd Patch: Blue
  • 3rd Patch: White
  • 4th Patch: Orange
Image 1st Patch 2nd Patch 3rd Patch 4th Patch
Blight patch

Blight Basher:

Clobber Blight 1 times

Blight Bludgeoner:

Clobber Bligt 6 times

Blight Breaker:

Clobber Blight 18 times

Blight Blaster:

Clobber Blight 100 times

Harvester patch

Vine Trimmer:

Chop down 20 vines

Kudzu Killer:

Chop down 100 vines

Chief Chopper:

Chop down 500 vines

Vine Vanquisher:

Chop down 2000 vines

City patch

Fledgeling Founder:

Achieve City Rank lv.5

Town Chief:

Achieve City Rank lv.10

City Boss:

Achieve City Rank lv.15

Masterful Mayor:

Achieve City Rank lv.30

Money patch

Money Maker:

Collect from your Buildings 30 times

Coin Earner:

Collect from your Buildings 90 times


Collect from your Buildings 180 times

Ravenskye City Banker:

Collect from your Buildings 800 times

Quest patch

Playful Pilgrim:

Complete 20 quests

Energized Explorer:

Complete 60 quests

Super Seeker:

Complete 90 quests

Quixotic Quester:

Complete 135 quests

Creeper patch

Creeper Clobberer:

Clobber Creeper 1 times

Creeper Catcher:

Clobber Creeper 6 times

Creeper Crew:

Clobber Creeper 18 times

Creeper Patrol:

Clobber Creeper 100 times

Harvest patch

Green Thumb:

Harvest crops 4 times

Grower of Goodness:

Harvest crops 16 times

Head Harvester:

Harvest crops 64 times

Famous Farmer:

Harvest crops 256 times

Totem patch

Discoverer of Totems:

Restore 1 Totems

Totem Explorer:

Restore 2 Totems

Totally Totem:

Restore 3 Totems

Totemic Shaman:

Restore 4 Totems

Friend visit patch

Terrific Traveler;

Visit neighbors 5 times

Voracious Visitor:

Visit neighbors 25 times

Total Tourist:

Visit neighbors 125 times

Faithful Friend:

Visit neighbors 500 times

Stone patch

Block Chopper:

Chop down 10 stones


Chop down 60 stones

Levonium Breaker:

Chop down 200 stones

Breaker of Stones:

Chop down 800 stones

Collector patch

Collector for Friends:

Collect from neighbors buildings 10 times

Big Pal:

Collect from neighbors buildings 40 times

Hand Lender:

Collect from neighbors buildings 100 times

Money Helper:

Collect from neighbors buildings 1000 times

Constructor patch

Hired Hand:

Construct 10 Buildings

Construction Worker:

Construct 30 Buildings

Big Builder:

Construct 60 Buildings

Fantastic Foreman:

Construct 180 Buildings

Golden axe patch

Mighty Axe Wielder:

Use Golden Axe 3 times

Barbaric Attacker:

Use Golden Axe 9 times

Brutal Banisher:

Use Golden Axe 18 times

Ko-nan the Uncivilized:

Use Golden Axe 90 times

Stonk patch

Stonk Stumper:

Clobber Stonk 1 times

Stonk Stymier:

Clobber Stonk 6 times


Clobber Stonk 18 times

Stonk Stopper:

Clobber Stonk 100 times

Wither patch

Wither Waster:

Clobber Withers 1 times

Wither Whacker:

Clobber Withers 6 times

Wither Weakener:

Clobber Withers 18 times


Clobber Withers 100 times

Collection patch

Swami of Searching:

Turn in 2 collections

Fakir of Finding:

Turn in 6 collections

Guru of Gathering:

Turn in 12 collections

Caliph of Collecting:

Turn in 19 collections

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