Annie is one of the locals in Ravenskye City who gives you quests.

She is the daughter of Cornelius. She is the youngest member of the adventuring party.

She mentions that they made it out of Empire City (part of the Talon Empire just in time. They left under the pretext of attending a wedding in Ravenwood Fair, the home of Crittle bears. Their real goal was to search for Ravesnkye City (aka Ravenskye City, she spells it wrong).

Lightning hit the airship.


Introductory descriptionEdit

Annie is the spirited daughter of Cornelius.

Back home she led a troop of Tiny Wings scouts and was studying to become an Airship Engineer until Cornelius dragged her into this adventure.


R: "What's this kid doing here?"
C: "Annie?"
R: "Yeah, she's like 16? What is she doing out here on a big grown-up adventure?"
C: "She's better than you."
R: "Oh! I see how it is. Well maybe the brat would like an autographed picture from me? Everyone loves Rocky.

Quests (in given order)Edit


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